Words are silver, silence is gold

Today I was reminded of a saying from an old language … from my grandfather’s time.

I miss my grandfather dearly, I have been praying relentlessly to him these days.

Alas! Yesterday, it paid off. I  was  unexpectedly  reunited with my mother and uncle.

Truly a blessing. My heart opened. I have missed them dearly, also.

Perhaps it is I who has closed my heart. Could it be?

Knock Knock

Who’s there?
Heart who?
Heart who hear you, speak louder!

I miss my husband dearly. Has he forgotten me? My heart aches for my brother but yearns for my husband.

In the old language … В каламутній воді легко рибу ловити, I close my eyes and remember him.

I know it really well. It is my first language.

I choose not to use it. I have chosen to bury it, to bury it deep.  It makes my heart sick, it makes my heart ache.

I yearn for the days past as much as I welcome the days forward.

I yearn for the connection that was lost in the generations that came from the fall.

I have decided to stop playing with the lesser currency and await the golden days ahead. I shall do so quietly, meekly and faithfully.

Сло́во — се́ребро, молча́ние — зо́лото


Continuing the adventure … yours <3 Jane Dundee


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