I drive by. I need water and am worried about him.

The fence is closed, a sign on the door. I do not stop long enough to read the sign, I suspect it says, “Whoa is me .. бедные бедные”.

This feels like the kind of day I want to tire my children out with exercise, get high as a kite and fuck my husband real good.

This will have to remain a desire.  I confessed today to conquer my weaknesses.

I really want my wings back. I need my wings back.

He’s all about making love these days, so weird. He must have fallen on his head or he misses me too. After all, I  am hard to live without.

I catch a fish without trying. Earlier today at Stefan’s house many are willing to jump in the boat, but I am choosy. I will leave these for my husband, they need an alignment and he is the fixer. I counted 5, I must remember to guide him this way but my head is full these days.

I only tempted a man once, a Frenchman … as if they need tempting.  I lost my wings, I will never do that again. I wish  my brother knew that.

I go to the grocery store, the house is empty. On the way  home I meet my husband on the  road.  He is hungry and empty handed. A lesson has been learned and he will not hunt on the  Lord’s day again.  Bonus,  не нада  кричать. Silence really is golden.

The asian delayed, I will have to wait 2 weeks  for the cure. The asians used to be my peak performers, now they are slipping. I will have to wait 5 years for my trip to China to straighten things out.

2:22, we arrive home.  We eat, unclothe and rest.

Time to put another portrait on the mantle and our photo session is at 5:00.

I hope to put this  portrait next to my grandfather’s. I hear him saying to me, “Бог шукає тих, хто приходить до  Нього”.  Order is starting to be restored, this portrait will remind me of this when weakness ensues.

Continuing the adventure… yours <3 Jane Dundee


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