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These days I speak to my hands often in the night and during the day I day dream about how my life will be like with 4. Perhaps I will have more time. I stop by the local market on my way home; I need  thyme for my soup. The store is out, it will […]


I drive by. I need water and am worried about him. The fence is closed, a sign on the door. I do not stop long enough to read the sign, I suspect it says, “Whoa is me .. бедные бедные”. This feels like the kind of day I want to tire my children out with exercise, […]

Garage Sale Treasures

I awake in my light pink night gown… WHAT this ain’t no night gown that my grandmother would wear. It’s sheer pink. Perhaps I should have wrote I awake in my sheer pink neglige. Lilly would be proud! I recall sending her a picture of it the day I bought it and threw my hatred […]

Sailing Day

I was out sailing today, I did not know I was going to go when I arose. … I am always was open to the wind. My ex father-in-law used to tell me that if I can’t adjust the wind, adjust my sails. I guess that marriage was good for something. I think I failed […]

Words are silver, silence is gold

Today I was reminded of a saying from an old language … from my grandfather’s time. I miss my grandfather dearly, I have been praying relentlessly to him these days. Alas! Yesterday, it paid off. I  was  unexpectedly  reunited with my mother and uncle. Truly a blessing. My heart opened. I have missed them dearly, also. […]